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Mt. Ataraxia
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Date:2007-05-07 22:25

Tycho was miffed. He hated losing his cool, or letting onto the fact that it was possible to break his calm demeanor with a respectable amount of effort. That Orthry character knew exactly what buttons to press, he basically had the manual in front of him. One can't just use mind reading to figure out someone's broad perspective like that...it's too messy, too hard to sort out what someone might do, is planning to do, or would want to do if not for a strong moral character. Everyone has hidden drives and desires. Tycho compartmentalized these and only accessed the ones he needed for certain situations, and few understood this.

He left the campus back to Obvious Hoax...due to some divine red tape involving interdimensional travel, the portal out of the campus always led back to the place you entered from. He packed a sandwich and headed north to Vreinaliad for supplies. Aradisan was far off the beaten path and probably would not have the supplies he needed to do his job. It was already early afternoon, but it would only be a few hours walk to the road north, and then he could probably hitch a ride in exchange for, well, being a wizard.

He headed off north with his staff and a bag of scrolls and wands.

In Aradisan, Lord Kavo was returning from his trip to the capitol. He was greeted by a number of citizens when his horse entered the town. He made many public appearances. As he was relatively new to leadership, he hadn't yet reached the point of being overwhelmed by the desires of his subjects. Of note among these individuals was an advisor he was waiting to meet with, Abel Trossrove.

A woman approached him as he was unloading his luggage from the carriage. "Sorry to bother you m'lord, I know ya just got back."

Kavo looked behind him and saw a familiar face, "Ah, Miss Rillan, not a bother at all, you need an authorization signed by me, yes?"

The woman nodded and handed him a document. He placed it on a table to sign. "And how is your husband Artheus doing? Better I hope. The medicine we imported is aiding his recovery?"

"Very much so, thank you kindly m'lord. Without the city's help, I doubt he'd be walking again."

"He's one of the best mining engineers we have, and he has given more to this city than we could easily repay. Please let me know if there's anything else you need."

The woman smiled, "Thanks again m'lord, I know Arth's eager to get back to work...and he should be able to in a few weeks now!" she bowed and turned, seeing Mr. Trossrove had entered, she nodded to him and he held the door open.

"Abel, we've had a change of plans." Abel was a tall man, black hair that reached down to the base of his neck. He was in charge of business relations that the city had with other cities, noble houses, and businesses. He raised an eyebrow.

Kavo continued, "How many people have you told about our discovery?"

Abel took a deep breath and pondered. "Hardly any...we knew we wanted to keep it under wraps so I only told very promising individuals that we can trust. I only fully approached one person who is at best a potential investor. Of course, I didn't divulge the more jucier details yet."

"Good. Yaroban advises against making the knowledge public, until we know what it is we've found. He is however sending trusted assistance our way, and I'm told he's already contacted the Blue Star."

Abel nodded but seemed weary. "I trust his discretion, of course. However, I do not trust the minds of men indefinitely, and this discovery comes from the hard work of many of our citizens."

Kavo shook his head, "Don't worry, we will see to it that we are on the top of this operation and its spoils. Who is the potential investor you spoke of prior?"

"Master Waverly of Felintro, sir."

"Ah, well we know he can be trusted, even if his words get a bit windy from time to time. Very well, I leave that matter to you. I have to prepare for the other arrivals. Please send word to the mining guild leaders that I need to meet with them."

"As you wish, good day sir." Abel nodded and left.

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Date:2007-03-25 14:35

Oh HELLS BELLS, she thought as she caught the eye of a Lord in waiting right as she turned the corner of the backsmith section of the market. Hells bells indeed for Lord Waverly sauntered towards her, his eyes on her like a fox’s on a chicken. She only stood there and sighed, wishing her hands weren’t full so that she could raise in the air them to wave in frustration to the Gods she were certain were not there to behold the sight. Waverly was a slim man, sickly slim, with angled features that reminded her more of a crude artist’s painting than of a man. He wore the robes of a man who had been rich and had fallen into ruin. Truth be told the bit of ruin he had fallen into had been because she refused to marry him and had run into the woods leaving him with a rather large bill for a wedding he had planned without her permission. Her father had given permission, but she felt that was rather word of mouthish and not her own word. While he had been charming once, she had run on the principle of the matter. Now he was simply caustic and stupid.

“Lady Wilcox,” he said with a bitter-sweet smile. “So good to see that you’re here, in the city.”

“It’s not something I make a habit of Leslie,” she said calmly, using the given name he despised. “I had business, and I’ll be leaving shortly.”

“Ah, not so quick there my dear. You see, you owe me.”

“I – I owe you? I didn’t ask for a pound of anything you had to offer. Indeed, I do remember I often refused your offers and asked you nicely, and then rudely, and then with a sword, not to continue bothering me,” she replied matter of factly.

“Your father said I should do it,” Waverly retorted.

“Then my father should owe you, not I.”

Waverly grew a bit pink in the face, and scowled. He wasn’t unattractive when he scowled. “Don’t you do that to me Rafif! You know I detest your logic puzzles and such! Don’t get me involved in circular logic! You owe me because it was a wedding in your honor and if you don’t owe me than your father does and since he is furious with you – wearing pants and waving a little toy sword around – he’s said I can collect upon his debt through you!”

Well, THAT was news, she thought.

“It’s not a little toy sword.”

“Yes it is.”

“No, it is not. It is called a short sword.”

“Right, it’s a toy sword.

“No, it’s not.”

“Yes, it is.”

She sighed, “Alright Waverly. What do you want me to do?”

“There’s a mining expedition in the county neighboring mine,” he said as if that explained everything. When he saw her expecting look, he continued. “Right, you don’t keep up with current events. In a neighboring county, there’s a mining expedition of some rock. I don’t really know what rock it is, but it’s rock and it’s valuable. Anyway, there’s becoming more and more interest from other sources, and I want to know why. If it’s that valuable, I want to be on the finances of it all. You will represent me!”

Rafif looked at Waverly oddly for a moment and sighed. “Where is it?” He promptly landed her a map and a packet of information.

“You’ll help me, right? Rafif, you ruined me. I’m the laughing stock of the royal court. But you’ll help me with this?”

And because Rafif felt a glimmer of guilt, she consented.

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Date:2007-03-24 01:15
Subject:Enter Tycho - Part 2

"Sure." Tycho walked in, saw a couch opposed to the fabric-covered cusioned chair the elderly wizard was sitting in, he rolled his eyes again. "Let's get this over with, k?"
The older wizard raised an eyebrow and studied his subject for a moment. He was middle-aged and thin, but defined. Most wizards wore robes, Tycho preferred slightly baggy yet flexible garments, allowing for quick and graceful movement. The only exception was a long indigo cape reacing down to his ankles...probably more for dramatic effect. Wizards like to be profound.
"The name's Orthry." the older wizard introduced himself and turned to a filing cabinet. He made a hand gesture and the cabinet became blurry for an instant. He opened the drawer and smiled, "Ah, this is the one!" He grunted as he attempted to lift a rather large and unwieldy folio from its physically improbable depths.

Tycho tilted his head and watched the old man try to lift it for a moment, "You need help with that?"
Orthry looked back quick and coughed, "No, of course not!" He made another gesture and the book lifted up on magical floating disc....although still obviously under duress.
Tycho smirked again as the man sat back down in his large chair, the disc coming to rest in front of him. "That's a real page-turner isn't it? ...I hear the movie's better."
Orthry glared at Tycho and sighed. "Do you understand the purpose of today's meeting Tycho?"
"Indeed, although I don't know why I need therapy, I'm perfectly well-adjusted."
Orthry smiled, "While that is far from the truth, I hear, this is not therapy, merely a debriefing."

Orthry sat up and became serious for a moment, "Tycho, you know as well as I do if not moreso, the value of monitoring the mental status of our members. Such preventative measures are necessary in order..."
Tycho snickered, "Wow, they really did vote me "most likely to lose his mind and try to take over the world", didn't they...? I'm honored, when's the ceremony?"
"No, they didn't...well, I mean...ok Taru won that but you were a close second." Orthry paused, "The fact is, you have had many traumatic experiences, and have witnessed even more. This can build up over time and warp the mind. This meeting is merely to assess how these events have affected you."
Tycho understood, "Alright...maybe since trouble always seems to find me, I've grown used to it....it's just part of what I do."

"All just a day in your life? Well let's start by pointing out that you've started entire wars!"
"And? I always finish them! I'm always one of the 'good guys'...for example, that little entanglement with the body-eating necro-vampire-thing." Tycho waited as Orthry thumbed through the volume, "It's page 571."
"Ah, there. I wouldn't call that a little entanglement... You raised an entire army of adventurers in a week, it was epic-sized battle that you led, against an enemy so deranged that your only clues about him were the trails of....bodyparts..." Orthry shook his head. "It was a job well done, don't get me wrong."
"It had to be done quickly...but it all worked out in the end." Tycho was definitely proud of that feat.

"True, so perhaps that's not a good example for the point I'm trying to make." Orthry flipped through the book again. "I picked this one out ahead of time. On one occasion you encountered wizards who had their arcane power completely sealed..members of our Order in fact. Some of them still do not have their full power back...and the psychological trauma it causes is quite severe. A wizard's magic becomes an instinct, and to lose that unexpectedly is like dismembering a limb, or rendering one blind. From your reports, while you were dealing with this threat, you too had your power sealed temporarily...how did this make you feel?"
Tycho glared at the typical question, "It pissed me off, sure, I kept going to do my usual thing and it didn't work...but the seal was removed, we knew a guy who owed us a favor. I guess I'm used to everything working out if one has enough willpower, and friends."

"Friends indeed," Orthry noted, "There are rumors that you are under the impression that some god takes an active interest in your activities. What of this?"

Tycho stifled laughter, "Demigods...two of them, actually, and hardly ever in a good way."
"So you admit to these divine interventions? How come I see no mention of their names or these events in our records?"
Tycho managed to simply snicker this time, looking at the large tome, "Well, I'm sure they've taken steps to prevent their little cameos from appearing in the abridged version. I wouldn't exactly call them divine either, and I dare not mention their names, lest I be whisked away from this stimulating conversation to do some inane quest which would be, believe it or not, far more annoying."

Orthry ended the digression, "Going back to that particular incident, it seemed to affect your friend, Qaires, much more profoundly...can you honestly say you weren't negatively affected by this experience as well?" Orthry leaned back in his chair.
"Well, Qaires is a bit dramatic at times. He's got this whole righteousness thing going on, anything purely evil like ripping away someone's mind, or soul...that stuff really sets him off...you don't want to get in his way when that happens. It was amazing, I'd never seen him go completely ballistic on some guy like that before. He can be hard to deal with when he's like that...but man, the strength bonuses sure are..."
Orthry gasped and shook his quill at Tycho, "Mr. Malinkhi! I don't care how many parallel universes you've been to, in THIS one we respect the Fourth Wall!"
"Fine, fine..."
"This is exactly what I'm getting at. There are some who would find your behavior of late disturbing, as if you've lost touch with reality...what I'm trying to do here..."
Tycho snidely replied, "Well, to be perfectly honest, I can't touch all of them at once..."
Orthry continued, "Is to provide an explanation so that others will not fabricate their own," his voice trailed off, distressed.
Tycho's expression became serious all of a sudden...it was a rare sight. "And what exactly are you trying to mean by that..."
Orthry frowned, "There are some who have speculated that you have already become out of control, or perhaps willing to use more drastic measures.....after your apprentice..."
Tycho's seriousness turned into dire dreadfulness, "Hey now, LEAVE Nara out of this, I have to live with happened....how dare you defile her name by suggesting my intentions are tainted!"
Orthry continued, "She was your apprentice, your friend...you have to deal with your emotions, obsession is very dangerous in the mind of a capable person."
"...I will find out what happened to her, it's my responsibility."
"Using what means? And what sacrifices?" Orthry posed tough questions. "I hope you can understand our concern. We think a break in the action is what you need right now. If you are going to pursue this, you will need a calm mind. We have an assignment for you. It's ordinary, but please take my advice and use this time to collect your thoughts."
Tycho thought for a moment, breathed and regained his facade. "Ok, what is it?"
Orthry pulled out a scroll, "They've made a discovery while mining near Aradisan. It's the sculptor city in the mountains to the east." He handed the scroll to Tycho.
"Hmm...I know of it, but haven't been there. Nothing much exciting happens there...until now it seems.........Alright, I'll babysit the archeological project." Tycho stood up to leave. "Just know this. You don't know as much about the minds of other wizards as you think, especially not mine. Sure, some want power, money, influence...some want to take over the world, or have vast amounts of minions or dark beings to do their bidding. Leave that to them. You're right, sometimes the powerful do lose control, I know I've seen it more than you have, and I rarely claim to understand them...."Tycho smiled again, "...but me? I'm chaotic good." With that, Tycho tipped the hat he wasn't wearing and strode out of the room.

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Date:2007-02-09 00:52
Subject:Enter Tycho - Part 1

It was a peculiar town, with many peculiar residents. It had no town hall, library, or really any public buildings. It was an entire town of vacation homes, built within a single week by the residents themselves, to create the illusion of a bustling town in order to lure an evil power to attack it, not knowing that within it was the presence of many many highly trained and experienced people, ready to beat it crying back to its mommy. That's a story for another time, but the name of this town, jokingly so, were words in a rare dwarvish dialect, literally translated as "Obvious Hoax."

A blue-haired guy walked out of an elegant yet simplistic house and looked around. There weren't many people in the town right now...the people who had homes here were all adventurers so they travelled a lot. He looked over at the jagged, ill-shaped yet somehow sturdy wooden plank house across the square...that was Thag's creation. If the guy wanted to, he knew how to find most of the residents of the town...but not Thag...as far as he was concerned, who knew if he was even in the same dimension at any given time...then again, he had always been there.

The guy sighed contently and breathed in the fresh air...he walked over to the field on one end of the square and traced a strange rune in the air, it glowed in a fiery manner for a second, then disappeared. In front of him, three tiny towers appeared in the grass, only about 6 inches high each, to any onlooker. He started to step toward them, and with each step he shrunk in size, until he could no longer be seen approaching them. After a few seconds, they disappeared. This is how members of the Blue Star Order of Magi had access to the Cerulean Spires...the headquarters of the order. They were actually located to the north of Sedanine, and spacial arcana allowed them to distort their size so as not to take up too much space in the material plane. Inside the campus, it was mind-bogglingly huge.

He walked into one of the now giant towers and took a disc-shaped levitating elevator up a few floors. He walked down a hall, stopped at a door. Hesitated for a moment, took a breath, rolled his eyes and walked in.

An elderly-sounding male voice greeted him, "Ahh Mr. Malinkhi, I've been expecting you. May I call you Tycho?"

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Date:2007-02-08 18:10

Banedon rode through the sprawling marketplace, past the stinking slums, and into the homes of the higher classes and castes. Slowly making his way to the lord's palace, he ran over in his mind the introduction he had reheresed a million times in his mind since he left on this journey. People were busy moving about the business of the day and paid him heed only so far so to get out of his way or go around him.

As he approached the main gate a group of soldiers stopped talking and stood up, weapons and equipment at the ready. The sergent stepped forth and loudly demanded that Banedon should state his business or move along.

"I am Banedon Runestar, of the city-state of Etar. I come to act as an emissary from my lord to yours. I have letters of intent and recommendation if you need them and a message for his Lordship."

The sergent examined the papers quickly. "Private Gomer, take this man inside and get him taken care of. Private Pyle, let the herald know that Banedon Runestar, emissary from Etar has arrived. Welcome to Vreinaliad."

Dismounting from his horse, Banedon tossed a salute to the sergent and followed his escort into the grounds.

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Date:2007-01-30 16:28

On rare occasions it was necessary to go into the city for resources – salted pork, a new water skin, herbs and the like. It wasn’t her favorite thing to do, but she recognized it was necessary. No man was an island, no woman a rock. When outside the city propers, having the essentials, and having them in good condition, was ever so important. And so once in a few whiles, she made her way into Vreinaliad. It wasn’t strange for the people of the city and their marketplace to see a ranger come in from the less civilized places. What was strange for them was that the ranger was the daughter of governor of a territory within the county and she had not followed her father into the realm of politics and privilege.

That was her brother’s path; it wasn’t her own. He was eloquent and good looking and seemed poised for rule and politics from the day he was a young boy eagerly watching their father do business. She had been the shy one, hypnotized by the clouds. She wasn’t strong enough in magic to manipulate the weather, but she had an uncanny ability to predict it. No, the sword had been her greatest skill, but women still were not allowed to serve in the army. She would not be forced to marry and sit in waiting in gowns and finery, so she simply ran away and became a ranger. She was happier for it.

Entering the town she felt some eyes cast gazes upon her short dusty blonde hair and tanned nose. She was pretty, but not beautiful. She was slender but more muscular than soft. Her clothes were the traditional clothes of a ranger, unremarkable, but her eyes seemed to hold attention during conversation. They were a soft gray.

Her name was Rafif; she did not use her last name. And upon entering the city, she felt so very tired.
So much happened in the cities.

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Date:2007-01-29 00:14
Subject:And So, It Begins

In the pretechnological era of kings, dragons, and wizardry, it is a time of relative prosperity for the land of Ulmahri. The entire continent is more or less united under one system of semi-feudal rule, with local munipalities governing themselves as they see fit. The populations of the respective states are very diverse, therefore an autocratic system of any kind is out of the question.

Ulmahri does have its share of problems; land disputes, local economic instabilities, destructive religious cults, violent races of demi-humans, and the occasional corrupt lord. The peace is mainly due to there being no competing kingdoms. It is surrounded by mountain ranges to the north and west, and ocean to the south and east. Travel across the seas had been impossible before the discovery of planar wizardry, and as far as any humanoid race is concerned, the time before that was a staggeringly long time ago. Planar magic of this kind is hardly used, as it requires much energy for maintenance, and it has to be well-established with arcane structures at both source and destination. Limited trading is possible, however military movements have never been attempted.

Josias Yaroban is very close to being a King, however with local governments having the most power, he is simply seen as the final mediator of interstate matters. Chosen at a young age and apprenticed strictly by the previous holder of his position, his wisdom is respected throughout the land, and other leaders often travel to his manor in the Capitol City Vreinaliad seeking it. He commands an army which is mostly used in defense or coordinating large projects.

Currently, he sits in the Capitol audience chamber in Vreinaliad, a Lord Gabriel Kavo seeks his advice on a troubling matter in his city, Aradisan. He has governed his city for only 4 years, however he has proven to be a fair and efficient leader. Yaroban's own apprentice, Kalen brings a tray of drinks into the chamber and begins taking notes on the meeting. As the successor to Yaroban, he sits in on such meetings to prepare himself for the day when he will assume this important role.

"I'm having somewhat of an economic dilemma in Aradisan," Kavo sips his drink, "It's these adventure-types...they've brought in a lot of wealth from doing whatever it is they do. As you know, Aradisan is known for it's expert sculptors. These...visitors...have been able to trade large amounts of silver, gold, and gems to obtain their works."

Yaroban started to nod and leaned back. "I've heard of economic problems caused by surges of wealth. Has this cause a division among the classes in Aradisan?"
Kavo raised his goblet, "Somewhat...the sculptors have always been wealthy, but in the past I've created mandates that have equalized the wealth, and used the income to benefit both the sculptors and the common citizens...after all a majority of them work in the mountains getting the sculpting materials."
"Could not you merely increase their income and let them share in the good fortune?"
"Hmm...that would mean raising taxes for the artisans, I'd certainly be looked down upon for that." Kavo seemed insecure at the thought of that.
Yaroban looked into his eyes, "All leaders are looked down upon at some point for doing what's necessary and what is just. A true leader will last long enough for the people to realize that he did the right thing." Kalen attempted to remember those words as he scribbled them down verbatim.
"I will keep that in mind, thank you." Kavo searched his bag, almost forgetting the second reason he travelled this far. "I nerely forgot, we started a new excavation project in the mountains as the demand for materials increased." He emphasized the next part, "We found something very interesting."
Yaroban set his glass down, "Oh?"
Kavo carefully pulled a piece of cloth from his travel bag, upon it were strange markings, but recognizable as a rough map of the known landmasses in the great sea of the world. He turned and walked to a small table on the side of the chamber, upon which he placed it. Yaroban followed curiously with a lamp.
"Well, that is certainly a find...an old map like that will be sought after by collectors I'd imagine." Yaroban seemed confused about why Kavo had brought this to him. Kavo smirked, expecting this and took a crystal out of his pocket.
He held it up to Yaroban, "This is a simple quartz, very common in our mountains...it has no special value." He held the crystal to the lamp, letting the light pass through it and hit the map. Yaroban's interest in the cloth jumped drastically when a large island appeared on it, embossed in gold.
"W...,what is that?!" I've never seen that land on any other map...and the writing, what language is it?"
Kavo shook his head curiously, "We don't know, we've consulted our local experts but no one can figure out what that's supposed to represent. But, we're still excavating that area, there may be more artifacts down there.
Yaroban pondered for a moment, stood up from his chair and gestured to a servant, who approached him, "I will need a few messages delivered in a little while, please ready a horse." The servant nodded and attended to his tasks.
"I'd like to send you assistance for this project...if that is alright?" He turned and looked at Kavo.
Kavo nodded, "By all means. I realize this could be a discovery that affects more than my city."
"Very well, please go and prepare, but be careful who you speak to of this. My thanks for bringing this to me. Let me know if you need anything further."
"Yes, thank you...and, I think I just thought of a good solution to my own problem as well." Kavo nodded in satisfaction and turned to leave. This new project would be a good distraction for the sculptors and commonfolk alike, and he could persuade wealth to flow the right way to rebalance things. However, he did not fully anticipate the changes this would bring.

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Date:2006-10-15 13:33
Subject:World Background (Maybe Boring, but please read)

This is a general background of my world and mechanics for everyone who hasn't RPG'd with me or hasn't ever played D&D at all.

It is a world of medieval technology with fantasy elements. There is very little use of gunpowder except in mining explosives. Apart from humans there are Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Faeries, Half-Dragons, and other more obscure races I'll outline somewhere else. The kingdom of Ulmahri is a flexible Feudal system where there is a king that functions as a final mediator, but the population is diverse enough that local governments have the most control over their settlements and regions. There is NO intercontinental ship travel (which is important, and a major point in this campaign). The tides and water conditions do not support it with any type of sailing/motorized ship that has been built (so far). Ships do travel coastlines and out to nearby islands. Because of this isolation, and the two mountain ranges separating Ulmahri from two neighboring regions, the system of loose federal governing has maintained general peace.

Polytheism is practiced, the various elder gods, lesser gods, demigods and their more empowered servants live on outer planes and some are more shy than others about exposing themselves to their more devout followers. The most popular gods are Pelor, Hieroneous, St. Cuthbert and Boccob. Although, I don't hold anyone to maintaining all the innane details of these with their characters, but they are a good aspect of character development. I have Deities & Demigods if anyone wants a bigger list.

Magic works in different ways depending on how your character uses it. Arcane magic in my system is more of a science that deals with manipulating the elements and the mind. Elemental magic deals with channeling conduits from elemental planes that traverse everything on a higher dimension. Mental magic, such as making someone fall asleep, or making them blind, is more of a battle of wits, willpower, and strength of character. Of course, for each magic there is a counter magic...for no orc army is complete without a high powered wizard or diviner casting spells to make sure their weak-minded minions don't all get turned into sheep, in any variety of literal or figurative ways.

Divine magic such as healing, smiting, cursing, is all about making onesself an instrument of whatever deity applies and channeling said diety's will through them. It's also a battle of willpower, as if one understands enough about the Way Things Work, one can resist curses, smiting, even healing or resurrection.

Druids, Rangers and other such nature-based characters have abilities in manipulating nature, weather, and the elements that is sometimes not seen as using magic directly, and has many different interpretations. (For example, a ranger called "Nim" who keeps talismans of different animals, the major spirits of which he has communed with, and he can channel different traits of those animals if he is somewhere near their habitat).

It's been a general balancing convention that characters who are strong in the mental arts are less so in the physical arts, but any decently balanced character I'll have no problem with. Sometimes characters who are strong and stupid can also be magically apt - and just be too stupid to realize it, thus hilarity ensues. Basically, I've played with "powergamers" before who want their characters to be able to do everything, and it's annoying...however everyone I've invited to this so far I've played with at some point and know not to be such players, so I expect interesting characters with a wide variety of virtues and failings.

I'm very flexible with characters being and becoming powerful. I don't believe in the D&D convention that only NPCs are allowed to craft weapons, create new magic spells, concoct potions and even imbue magical artifacts. But again, effort and time is put into learning that level of skill. But since we're not keeping track of stats at all, this seems like a moot point. I will in the near future go into detail about the settlements in Ulmahri, the inhabitants, and what they are known for.

I think that's all for now, as I think of more segments for this, edits will be made.

Any questions, please comment.

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Date:2006-10-12 20:37
Subject:Useful Files

Directory URL of Files:

Map of Ulmahri:
This is most of the actual world from my D&D campaigns. Only the major details are included. I have info on most of the settlements (frighteningly enough, as the game started in the upper-left and the world expanded as more things got done) so if something needs to known, I can most likely provide it. If you recognize names of things, it's probably because I ran a campaign from a resource and just melded the campaign world into my own. Please do not overanalyze my geography, and whatever you do, do not make considerations on comparative scale, it may cause brain damage. :)
I transposed this from a drawing using RPGMakerXP.

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Date:2006-04-10 10:12
Subject:Dramatis Personae

(This will be updated as new characters are added. Short descriptions and character owners will be noted, but character bios will be linked and stored on my web server. A template for those will be available shortly.)

  • Tycho Malinkhi (drunklogic) - Not just your every-day fireball-hurling lightning-bolting death-turret of a wizard.

  • Josias Yaroban (mt_ataraxia) - A King of sorts. Because of the diversity of the localities in Ulmahri, he holds no direct control over local municipalities, but has final decision over disputes, and is often approached for advice by local governors.

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